Museum day #1: Day in Stedelijk Museum

Stedelijk museum Amsterdam

Hey wayfarers

We all know that Amsterdam is the perfect city for museum lovers.  I am a museum addict so the city is basically perfect for me. Yesterday I paid one of my favourite museum a visit. 

I rarely make pictures in museum, I feel that it takes a way my fun. I don’t enjoy if I take lots of pictures. 

I love Stedelijk Museum so much, because of its diversity. It showcases: pop-art, surrealism, dada, futurism etc. These are my favourite styles. The museum has a path(like any other museum) that goes from classic-modern- to contemporary art. 

It regularly has different expositions, this one was really interesting. I actually forgot the maker and I didn’t make pictures of it, but it was really great!

Stedelijk museum also has a “blikopeners” spot for youngsters or older people with a young soul. It always has different things and it is led by young workers called blikopeners.

Blikopener means both canopener and someone who opens blikken(views), and they do, blikopeners make youngsters open to art. 

Well, if you ever consider a day in Stedelijk museum! It is easily accessible. Just go to museumplein. The place with lots and lots of museum including the van Gogh and try to find a gigantic white bathtub like building!

Well that was it for now!

Goodbye Wayfarers and see you another blog post!


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  1. hcura says:

    Interesting art! I also like museums and have visited loads all over the world. I usually try to pick at least a couple per trip. This reminds me I still need to see a few more here in London. So many!

    I’ll check this one next time I’m in Amsterdam.

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  2. heather843 says:

    Sounds like a fascinating place, and in one of the museum capitals of the world. I love the idea of blikopeners, what a novel concept for a museum.

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  3. It looks like an interesting blend of art gallery and museum, would be fun to explore

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  4. Sound like an interesting place, sad that you didn’t take more photos to share your experience with us!

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  5. Meg Jerrard says:

    I’ve never really been a big museum person, but I did find that I loved the museum scene in Amsterdam – so many interesting and fascinating exhibits. Haven’t visited Stedelijk, so will have to add that to the list for the next visit 🙂

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  6. John Morris says:

    Thanks for the brief introduction to this museum. My favorite in AMS is the Amsterdam Museum, because it too is really innovative in the way its exhibits appeal to young people.

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    1. I love het Amsterdams Museum


    2. As well, but my peers prefer Stedelijk over Amsterdams Museum, because of the vibe!


  7. I regret having not visited more museums when I was in Amsterdam. There was just so much I wanted to see, and I had such little time. Probably will have to go back to see more of what the city can offer!

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  8. I haven’t been to Amsterdam yet, but I would love to go and visit some of it’s museums. It’s very interesting to see the many forms of art.

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