POA: #1 Rude old lady

POA or People Of Amsterdam are people I meet, these encounters are either AMAZING or ANNOYING, but all end up being a story!

This will be a series full of people I meet.

Rude old lady

This early morning I was sitting in an empty bus, so I placed my backpack on the seat next to me. I started relaxing.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not one of those rude people who place their bags on chairs even if the bus is crowded. I usually place my on my lap or on the ground.

So it was quiet, I was the only person in the bus. The bus driver was only body present. I was really enjoying the silence and the peacefulness.

Until an evil demon disguised as an old sweetlooking lady came to sit in front of me just to disrupt my peace.

She started our conversation with:

“Young people nowadays are so rude and mannerless.”I awkwardly nodded and she rolled her eyes.

“Especially you,” I was so offended and thought that she had made a racist remark, because I had no idea what I was doing wrong.

“It’s a rude thing to keep your bag on the seat next to you. So you’ll just leave your bag when a mature woman like me wants to sit down. ” My jaw fell on the ground.

I couldn’t believe this, the woman had no reason to say all this as we were alone. She had no reason to sit in front of me. 

“You youngsters never think, you guys are selfish and rude. This generation is rotten and helpless.”

Again, I WAS ASTONISHED. I was getting a reprimand, because of my bag next to me. I decided to be the bigger man. 

Sorry for doing something this evil, but the bus is really empty, so there is no need to be so angry, you know what?

I am going to sit over there, so you can have lots of space to think and do things, I am sorry and I wish you a very nice day,”

She went on lingering some profanities, slightly racist remarks, until she crossed the line and the chauffeur told her to get out of the bus.

Many people will say it’s an old lady, she is probably demented, no she was full of life and couldn’t be older than 60, she was on her way to work.

Did you wayfarers encounter rude old people, the wisest thing to do is just be the bigger man. Well that is it for now.

I see you another blog post and I wish you a wayfaring day!

K, the outcast!

Next POA: #2 Little Casanova



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  1. Happens to me all the time too, usually trying to skip the line at the supermarket or like last week at the bank…I made a very polite but correct remark that I was first up and boy was I a rude lady, yep, of course, why not🙄Like you I try not to let the situation escalate and just step away but inside I’m boiling!


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