POA: #2 Little Casanova

​POA or People Of Amsterdam are people I meet, these encounters are either AMAZING or ANNOYING, but all end up being a story! 

This will be a series full of people I meet.

Little Casanova

On a hot summernight I decided to go to one of my favourite places away from the crowdiness and the hecticness of the city. A playground, taking pictures of the bamboo and thinking back of the few times I was playing over there.

Until a little cute boy walked towards me:

“You’re so beautiful” my heart skipped a beat. He was looking at me and said that he wanted to marry me whenever he becomes big and strong. 

I almost died of the amount of cuteness. He asked my number and I just shrugged it off. It was still one of the cutest things I saw that day, especially since a week before that a guy told me that he wants to f me senseless. 

I ended up taking a picture of him, but I blurred his face. 

That’s him my knight in denim shorts. I hope to.meet him.again, he was funny and nice. 

AND NO.I AM NOT THINKING OF DATING HIM. I am actually seeing someone, just seeing and watching of a distance. 

Well that was it for now, I see you wonderful people another blog post and I wish you a wonderful and wayfaring life!



K, your wayfaring outcast!

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