POA: #4 Christmas in July kind of clown

​​​​POA or People Of Amsterdam are people I meet, these encounters are either AMAZING or ANNOYING, but all end up being a story! 

This will be a series full of people I meet.

Christmas in july kind of clown.

I hate clowns, all of them. Especially after dark. Nobody will disagree with me on this, maybe fairly demonic people, but I and less ignorant others will agree with me that clowns should be arrested after dark. 

I was walking in a really creepy neighbourhood, every neighbourhood after dark is creepy in my world. There were trees and some houses.  Well I was walking with my best friend. 

Until we felt some demonic activity and yes we were right we saw a clown. I gasped and wanted to run away, my friend said that he would walk past us and leave us.

He didn’t, he turned and I thought that my worst nightmare would come to pass: getting killed by a harmless creature: clown, santa claus, dude in bunny suit. 

The dude gave us a big smile and said.

Happy holidays. 

Dude it’s july,

Because every day is another holiday! 

Bye outcast, your days are numbered. But he didn’t take a knife out of his size 200 shoes, he just walked away, leaving me and my friend, dead scared.

So guys, the moral of this story is, when you see a clown after dark, run and hide. Move to another country and change your identity. 

Well that was it for now, In 7 hours I have reached bebeautiful benidorm. 

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The Travelling outcast wayfarer!

This picture freaks me out and I Actually don’t want it on my blog, but to add it to the clowns are creepy feel!

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