How do you take pictures of strangers?

Goodday Wayfarers!

It’s a hot early morning(4AM) in Benidorm it keeps me awake and that’s perfect since I was kind of lazy, sorry for not posting a lot, but the Costa Blanca sun has made me lazy!

So this morning I started editing, some blogs I finished half way, but couldn’t finish due to a major writers block and one question that was burning in my mind. Well it was more of a rhetorical one.

Wouldn’t your POA, or people from anywhere blogs be more awesome, if you added the pictures of the actual people?

My answer was yes, but I don’t dare to do it , sighs.

I’m a storyteller, I said it before a few times. I also told you guys that I’m a great fan of retelling beautiful stories in an ugly way. Not that I do that on purpose, but this is for another blog. 

So I hear the stories and/or witness them. I write them down and retell them. I miss something, I miss the person. The person who made it all possible, I usually end up having vague and faded memories of them.

I love meeting people, even if it’s just for  thirty minutes of my life, but I want to remember them for years and that’s I why I want to learn how to ask people if I can take their picture.

How to approach and I just want to know, how you guys do it! I usually chicken out the.moment I stand before intriguing people. 

Should you give people money for their portrait? I really wouldn’t mind to do that, especially since their story and portrait would be worth more!

So I beg, don’t just like it, read it and genuinely help me if you have a tip or two for me! 

I know, certain things that I shouldn’t ask everyone’s picture, for instance the POA: rude old lady. She would have killed me if I had asked her.

Well comment your tips and warnings below! ALSO,  if you’re not familiar with POA please feel free to read the first entry here.

Well that was it for now! 

COMMENT LIKE SHARE FOLLOW and I wish you a wonderful and wayfaring life!


The outcast wayfarer


5 Comments Add yours

  1. I just go ahead and ask people if I can take a picture with them. I do this with people that I meet/hitchhike/surf with. It’s usually “Can we take a picture together?” or something similar.

    If you want just theirs you can say “Can I take a picture of you, so that I remember you?”

    In the short time that I did this, no one ever turned me down.

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    1. Thank you for your help!
      It encouraged me to try it out!


        1. I didn’t try it yet, but today I will try it or when I’m back in Amsterdam

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  2. afarawayhome says:

    It’s definitely only ok to take pictures of people if you ask permission (especially if they are going to notice that you’re taking the photos!) A few weeks ago I was eating dinner in Covent Garden with my friend and some guy starting taking photos of us. I don’t totally blame him, we probably looked really artistic silhouetted against the bright lights of the market, but even so… if he’d just asked we wouldn’t have felt so uncomfortable.

    But yes, I’ve never asked anyone if I can take their photo – hopefully probably I will one day but not right now!

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