How do I learn languages?


Are you familiar with struggling with your words in another country? 

I do, a lot.

I’ve been travelling solo for a while and I realized that it’s harder to struggle alone. So I decided to learn some languages along the way.

So I’m currently fluent in French, English and Dutch. I understand surinamese and speak a little and I’m learning spanish and german.

How did I do it?

  • 1. Movies

    First of all I start watching movies, for instance when I’m practicing my french I wAtch a french movies, with french subtitles. I rarely watch movies with dutch subtitles, because I’m not learning anything. I get so focused reading and watching the movie, that I only pick up the words I already know. 

    My mom always took us to the cinema, to watch the English version of kids movies and never the dubbed Dutch version and we were only allowed to watch BBC kids programs and The English Nickelodeon. 

    It’s not that she only wanted us to watch English kids programs, she just wanted us to be bilingual from a very young age.

    • 2.Speak and chat as much as you can.

    During my travels I met the most amazing and I talk to them freely, because I see lots of progress in my fluency if I do so.

    I was kind of afraid in the beginning, but then when I understood the meaning of the following sentence:

    You can learn of your mistakes.

    So I allowed myself to make mistakes and to write them down and correct them, I realized which words I still needed and how to conjugate certain verbs. 

    I also became familiar with slang and abbreviated words such as bsr and bjr AND SOME NEAT PROFANITIES THINGS THAT I WOULD NEVER SEE IN TEXT BOOKS!!!

    I can cuss you out in 37 languages, it’s a talent I’m not proud of.


    One of my biggest problems is my limited vocabulary in other languages, this is a huge problem for me since my Dutch vocabulary is so elaborate. 

    I don’t make random lists or read out of a dictionary, no these lists are made along the line. I write words down, Whenever I read out of a book or make a vocabulary test or struggle to find the words when talking to my friends.

    These lists were made by mom, since I was a little girl, so my Dutch and English vocab was really expanded at a very young age. 

    4. Travel

    I hate to give this tip, because not everybody has the money and the freedom to travel and I feel sad for you especially, since I myself was fortunate enough to see some of the world’s beauty and have spoken to many people.

    But do you need to travel outside the country, to actually travel?

    Hell noo!!, I live in probably one of the most m

    ulticultural city in the world AMSTERDAM, I live close to an English bookstore, a french bakery, an actual legit italian restaurant, a chinese retirement centre, a greek thing etc. 

    Most people who work there actually know the language. They are pleased to find out if you talk their language, the french baker gives me free food, if nobody watches.

    Now I need to learn the greek language to talk to the greek hotties, girls will be girls.

    And now my final tip.

    • 5. Textbooks and learning books!

    Self explanatory, but my favourite these days are the small pocket ones, which are extremely handy when travelling.

    Well that was it for now, my next language related blog will probably be about apps I use, because I simply use too many. Too put in one blog!

    Well COMMENT LIKE SHARE FOLLOW and I wish you a wonderful and wayfaring life!


    The outsiders crazy outcast wayfarer,

    Ps: I have a polyglot fetish, a multilingual fetish, bilingual fetish!

    I love it when people speak more than one language.


    2 Comments Add yours

    1. This was a great post! Myself I’m fluent in Swedish and English, I speak and understand Finnish and understand Norwegian. Used to understand German as well but it’s been to long since I’ve studied it… My Finnish should also improve since I’m living in Finland, but oh the struggle.

      I agree with you on watching movies. That’s the main reason to why my English is so much better than my Finnish. The Finnish film industry is, sadly, kind of rubbish.

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    2. I studied French, Spanish, and Nihongo when I was still in the University, and I must say that memorizing the phrases and the basics of a certain alone will never be enough to learn them. You should have a daily conversation with people who speak the same language for you to hasten what you learned and memorized. Good luck with learning Spanish and German!! 🙂

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