Wordless Wednesday


Today is wordless Wednesday, where the picture does all the talking! 

Dam square palace!

Well that was it for now,

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An outcast wayfarer!


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  1. By Dam, do you mean Amsterdam? The pic is cool 🙂

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    1. Yes, in Amsterdam there is a huge square that’s called dam square and the palace on the dam square is called Paleis op de dam. So the dam is the name of the square

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      1. Ahh I see! 🙂 Paleis op de dam is a place worth visiting then!

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        1. Yes indeed, I totally recommend it to you! It’s especially beautiful at nights,with the men with the chariots, the grim reaper and his posse and other wonderful street artists and. EVERY THING IS BEAUTIFULLY ILLUMINATED AND WELL LIT UP!

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          1. Then it is a must visit at night! I’ve never seen many street artists in one place, so this might be perfect 🙂 Illumination’s the key 😉

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  2. jasonmullin says:

    This pic brings me right back to Amsterdam, if only it could bring me there now in person. Love the wordless Wednesday concept!

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