Going Amsterham with Polette (review)

Hey wonderful wayfarers!
You remember how blind I am without my glasses? Do you guys remember that I said that I had more glasses than life goals.
Since I was young I was a lover of eyewear, even when I didn’t wear prescription glasses. I just bought fashion glasses, can you imagine an actually bad sighted person wears fashion glasses. 

Yeah… it’s sad.

So my eyes, obviously had gotten more bad. It had gotten to the point that I had squint my eyes, just to see the person 2 metres away from me and I was still wearing fashion glasses. 

I think that my mother got an epiphany one day, that whispered how stupid it all was. So we went to the optician one day and the dude completely roasted me and my eyes. “How can you even see, you’re quite blind ha ha etc.” 

I chose my first pair, it was an acetate black DKNY pair that cost me about 350 euros, which had torn me apart, because I wanted a cheaper pair, but the cheaper glasses were quite boring. 

After a few months, I became quite bored with the same old glasses. But I am not willing to pay another 350 euros, for a piece of plastic.That’s when Polette came in my life.

What’s Polette?

Polette is a french online eyewear company, they offer various types of eyewear such as: sunglasses, prescription glasses and e-polette: eyewear that blocks blue light from screens.

The frames can be offered from 6.99-, up to 49,99-, and the lenses can be offered from 9,99-, to 89,99-, YES, POLETTE CAN BE THAT AFFORDABLE. 

But how? 

Polette made it possible to cut all the costly intermediates and save up to 80%, in other words there’s no wholesaler and no importer, but it’s just you and the polette factory. 

Also the usage of their own trendy and high quality designs, made it possible for them to sell their eyewear at a low price. So you won’t see any Chanel designs or Ray Bans, but you’ll encounter some neat designs that fits with you. Especially because of the fact that they offer 900+ different frames in 28 different colour options.

What did I choose?

I am really into the transparant/translucent trend, but it’s either too expensive, sold out and/or not my style.

The ones out of these that I liked the most are these.

But $205,00-, uh neau, but after browsing on polette for some time, I found these.

They’re only 29,99 and I only have to pay 9,99 more for prescription glasses, since I have around -1 on both eyes. These look really similar to the 205,00-, ones. 

And I also ordered a polette tote bag, with a place for your glasses and the cutest dust pouch. IT’S A BICYCLE! 

How do they look on me?

    I really love them and they suit my face really well, so I’m glad that I’ve ordered them. The bag is really great and it fuels my wanderlust!

    There’s Shanghai written on it!

    Pros of ordering glasses at polette.

    -A cheap yet fashionable pair of good quality glasses. 

    -You will get your pair (or pairs)delivered at your door, I was a tad bit too lazy to get my own glasses at the optician.  PLUS, shipping costs aren’t that expensive, they’re about 4,99

    Cons I read on the internet and how to avoid them.

    (I read some other reviews on the internet and read some of the downsides, I have and probably never will encounter these cons, because I have ways to avoid them and I’ll give you some tips)

    1. They say”You never know if they fit perfectly, because they’re sold on the internet. And I say: they have three size categories S/M/L my head is not too big and not too small, so I obviously won’t force it in all S glasses and I won’t let it slide of my head in a L. They also provide all the measurements: see the picture below. It’s like online shopping, when I do so I always make sure to look at the measurements, because a medium is not everywhere a Medium.

    Plus there’s a Polette store in Amsterdam, so if I felt the need to go to the store I  would’ve gone.

    2. They say: It takes way too long to arrive and I say: it took about nine days to arrive and I waited three weeks for my DKNY pair, so I don’t think that it took that long, especially, because they were delivered at my door.

    3. The fear that the glasses  won’t suit you. I say, know your style and know the colours that make you dull and the colours that make your face pop. Also when you order glasses make sure that you rock them with all your confidence! 

    So I stated some of the downsides and I helped you to conquer them, I completely loved the Polette  experience and I am beyond happy to work with them! I got lots of positive feedback from the people I love and the unknown!

    The Amsterham part:

    A friend of mine was dying to get some bubble tea, so I went along with her to China town! After 20 minutes of walking around we found the cutest store called YoYo. Where she got her pineapple crush something something bubble tea and I got the best frozen Yogurt!

    China town through my eyes!

    Well that was it for now, make sure to follow Polette on their Twitter , instagram and visit their websites www.polette.nl or www.polette.com to see what they offer! 

    Also are you following me on instagram!?

    COMMENT LIKE SHARE FOLLOW and I wish you a wonderful and wayfaring life!


    The outcast wayfarer,

    Also the giveaway is coming soon!

    I received the objects for reviewing purposes, but all opinions remain my own!


    •  = 137mm
    • B = 48mm
    • C = 44mm
    • D = 13m = 137mm

    14 Comments Add yours

    1. Laura says:

      Woah.. i wish i wouldve know earlier that there are glasses as affordable and not basic looking like Polette.
      Thankyou for notifying me about this^^
      I like reading your blog…it has fun stories and stories that actually give advice and great brand suggestions!!
      Do you know anything about Polette stores in other countries? I wonder about that.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Marcel says:

      They look great on you ^-^

      I’ll definitely let my fam check Polette out (or maybe some sun glasses for me :o).

      BTW: Im jealous! I want frozen yoghurt too!

      Liked by 2 people

    3. Sally Mvula says:

      Wow I had no idea!
      Over the years I have owned a lot of glasses and have spent quite a lot of money on them. I’ve actually resigned myself to always spending big on glasses. Polette is an eye opener and so affordable!! I wish I had known about it sooner, you’ve officially converted me. Just thinking of having such a wide range to go through and doing it at such an affordable price makes me want to go hunting for my next pair..! Thank you


      1. DO YOU FEEL DECEIVED AS WELL, I HAVE SPEND SO MUCH MONEY ON GLASSES, BUT THERE IS NO NEED NOW. YES COME TO THE LIGHT: I mean come one affordable, fashionable and durable glasses the ables I love! So yes I totally recommend this site to you


    4. Lineczka Star♡ says:

      These glasses are superrrrrr and u look greattttt!!! Plus i am superrr in love with ur blog! Keep the great work bae😍❤❤❤❤


      1. AAAAAAWWWH, I KNOW RIGHT!!! Thank yoouuu soo much! I will keep working hard yes!


    5. Nino says:

      Great blog, it’s really profesional.
      Keep the good work 🙂
      And really helpfull aswell.


      1. Thank you so much, Yay, I am glad that it’s helpful!


    6. Selena says:

      WOW I’m so in love with the way how these glasses look on you!
      Good job! Hope too see more articles wrtten by you.


      1. Thank you soo soo much, yes there will be a lot more!


    7. Kelly says:

      Dear outcast wayfarer, first of all I like to say, I love your blog! Secondly, can somebody give me those glasses? Life would be a lot easier with those cute glasses 😉 They look amazing on you. Keep up the writing and I can’t wait until your next post. xx a girl from A’dam


      1. Heyyy Kelly, thAnk you for reading my blog and haha yes they’re really cute, It’s a bummer that they’re sold out!! Life is indeed easier, I can look through the frame Ha ha, but there are many transparent frames. THANK YOU, YEAH THEY REALLY SUIT ME AND IT WAS KIND OF scaring me in the beginning, but I love them now. Next post is coming soon, so stick around!


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