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Hello wayfarers,

All that you need to know about the public transportation system of Amsterdam. Well at least the important stuff. I get lots of questions of tourists and I gave them a good answer if I have one, but I do know some evil individuals who have the urge to give bad advice. WELL HERE I AM, providing you the info needed as good and clear as possible.

First of all, you have several options of making your way in the Netherlands, we have: Buses, Trams, Trains, Metros and Ferries that connects the different neighbourhoods to each other. The buses, metros and the few ferries are operated by the GVB. The train system is operated by the NS.


Ferries make the artistic NDSM Wharf, The buiksloterweg area with the EYE museum area etc. accessible. These are absolutely free and easy to use. I highly recommend you to take the Ferry to the NDSM area as it’s a really awesome area.

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The easiest way and certainly the cheapest way of travelling in Amsterdam for tourists is travelling is with the unlimited travelling cards, they offer several cards from 1 hour to 7 days.

Prizes of the cards:

1 hour: 2,90-, euro.

Children’s day card, 24 hours: 2,50.

1 Day card: 7,50. It’s so tempting to buy the children day card, I did/do it even though you can only use it until you’re twelve. I’m not saying that you should do that as well, because you’ll land yourself in lots and I’m telling you lots of problems.

2 Day card: 12,50.

3 Day card: 17,00.

4 Day card: 21,50.

5 Day card: 26,50.

6 Day card: 30,00.

7 Day Card: 33,00.


These unlimited travel cards, can be bought at several places at the GVB Service point, the GVB charging station, several hotels etc. check the GVB website, they also provide several info such as: Departure Times, Costumer Service, Lost and Found etc.

The hour cards and children cards are found at the same places, but also in the bus, tram etc. beware though if you’re travelling with your children, please be aware of the fact that the Children’s card might be sold out. Make sure to buy a card in advance at several stores such as: The Primera etc.

These cards are papery, so make sure that you keep them well until the moment you throw it away. Also make sure that you don’t exceed your time while travelling with the hour/day cards, especially in the metro, you won’t be able to check out as the card automatically blocks and you will risk a fine.

Then you have another option for travellers and that’s the chargable OV chipcards, by the way the word OV means Openbaar vervoer, which means Public Transport. I recommend them if you stay in Amsterdam for a longer time and if you aren’t planning to travel a lot with the public transport. You can buy anonymous cards for 7,50 and charge them at charging points, there are several ones scattered around the city. You can find them randomly outside, in supermarkets (Albert Heijn) and at metro stations.




You can’t check in if your card saldo is in the minus area, so -0,01 cent is already a fail and that can be annoying in the bus/tram, especially if you aren’t close to a metro station, charging station and don’t have enough money to buy a card of 2,90. Some bus drivers can be savage and let you walk. I’ve walked many times in the middle of nowhere until I found a busdriver nice enough to let me in.

Trying to find your way in Amsterdam can be dificult, so you may want to use the following apps to find your way. Google Maps, 9292 and City Mapper app. I prefer to use 9292 when I am using public transport and google maps when I cycle. I don’t use City Mapper as often only if I try to find an easier way.

To reach other cities or places inside Amsterdam such as Abcoude or Sloterdijk, you can use the train. The prizes of the train can be found on the website of NS.

Well that was it for now, Comment Like Share Comment and I wish an outcast and wayfaring life! ALSO:



Is public Transport difficult in your hometown?

An outcast wayfarer!


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  1. I’m a total public transport travel guy. Reducing my carbon footprint in the world. Great to see Amsterdam has great facilities. Gonna bookmark this for the future. 🙂


  2. Lisa says:

    Always use public transport when we travel and found the best two cities in the world have been Berlin and Amsterdam


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    Hey, thanks for sharing !

    Check out my site, for anyone interested in learning or improving FRENCH !

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    1. I’m actually studying french and I live in Amsterdam, so it sounds interesting

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    Love your blog. Amazing posts.. 🙂


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    Wow!… thanks for the detailed info! Nice pics too!

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    1. Thank you so much!!


  7. Just want to say what a great blog you got here! I've been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work! Thumbs up, and keep it going!CheersChristian,


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