Polette Winter Lookbook

Heey Wonderful people,
First thing first, I wish you all a happy new year, I hope that this year will make your last one envious. I also hope that you’ve all set your goals and that you will fulfill them.

All the goals,resolutions, fulfillment, purposes aside. It’s time to for the true purpose of today’s blog, a winter lookbook! I’m so super excited, since it’s my first lookbook! It’s also my first elaborate blog post concerning fashion. but I’m blaba-ing too much.

Polette was kind of to send me a pair of glasses and a really handy glasses case. I will not talk a lot about the concept, as I already did so but, if you want to read more about the concept and get enlightened about it, feel free to go to my first Polette review.

Polette offers many ftames suitable for the winter, make sure that you pick glasses that are not to light as the wind can blow it out of your face. (this actually happened),

don’t pick too flashy colours, but neutrals and blue works fine. BUT DON’T GET ME WRONG ROCK YOUR FLASHY BRIGHT NEON GLASSES.

And don’t spend too much money on it, here’s where polette comes in!  Polette offers many affordable glasses.

Look numero uno. 

Futuristically silver grey, 

on grey, cold Mondays mornings we just want be comfy, whilst slipping in a pair of grey dungarees.

Paired perfectly with the polette scrawl, which can still be found with this link!

Look numero zwei

Hidden heat, clear translucent eyewear.

On Tuesday when the cold is cutting  in to your skin, we comfort our frost beaten bodies with a conflicting jacket, conflicting because you end up sweating, but immediate death is waiting you the moment you take them off!

Celebrating the clear translucent eyewear trend with a pair of Délice Trans, side note Polette is a paradise for those who want to find some stylish and not costly clear glasses. 

They are still sold and can be found with this link 

I then paired my outfit with 

Look numero trois

Just stay at home

On wednesday when the cold is unbearable and it’s accompanied with a tormenting rain and a wind that basically swipes everyone of their feet, your conscious and the weather than tells you to stay indoors.

Styled with rainbow blue, a halfround keyhole frame which is sadly a victim of it’s own success, AKA it’s sold out. But there are many frames like this one found on the site.

As you see in the last picture, polette was also gracious enough to give me a handy travel case of bamboo. So light enough for the carry on and strong enough to survive the carry-on.

The glasses in this lookbook can be found with these links.

Délice Trans


Get social with polette and order your very own polette!

Polette website

Dutch Polette website

Polette Instagram

polette twitter

Well that was it for now, COMMENT LIKE SHARE FOLLOW and I wish you an awesome life.

The glasses wear send to me as review but all opinions are my own, because I’ve known them before they even send me stuff.

Do you wear glasses?


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