Why you should take a walking tour!

Good day wonderful people,

Have you ever been in a complete new city not knowing what you can do, what to photograph, where to eat, where everything is etc. So you spend  time trying to find these things even if you have a perfect itinerary. These things can be avoided with taking a city tour. Well not entirely avoided, but it will save time.

So now you must be wondering how a walking tour of 2-3 hours will save time?

You get to know the city.

Well first of all, you will get to walk past all these touristy places, museums you’d like to visit, restaurants, street art, monuments, attraction and if your memory is slightly better than a fish’s one, you’ll actually remember (or vaguely remember) places. You’ll also walk past things that weren’t on your mind. Such as non mainstream attractions, low-key museums and just other places that weren’t on your mind.

The sense of that you (sort of) know a city also makes me feel at ease. It’s like a tour in a new house, in a hostel, in the school you’ve applied to. You’ll also get to meet new people. Locals and travellers who also decided to take a walking tour. You may find your new best friend or even better your travel buddy for life.

Free walking tours.

If you’re kind of broke or not willing to pay over 50 kaching kaching, just to listen to a maybe not even a very good guide or just a crappy tour around the city. Than there are the free options, for instance you go to Copenhagen and you’d like to go on a free walking tour just type in:

Free walking tours Copenhagen, in google or any search engine you use, (Are you into bing or the Yahoo search engine?) This is what you see.


I don’t have to tell you, but the truth is that nothing is actually free, so are the free things not always free. These tours are usually tip based, so they expect to get a descent amount of money for their services. Due to my brutal honesty I’ve actually given some guides a real measly amount if the guide is in a crappy mood and the tour is plain crap. I also advise you to do the same, don’t give them more than you want to otherwise you’ll feel it.

If I mumble throughout the tour, pay little attention to a small part of the group, ignore the other half, act ing as if there is sand in my genitals and cut the tour off. Would I be worth to get a 10 kaching kachings? No I would be worth 3 and that’s only for my presence.


These websites with free walking tours offer usually around 4-6 different tours, one of them usually being a pub crawl. which can be seen on the picture above us. This isn’t the only place where you can find a free walking tour!

Couchsurfing and free walking tours.

Couchsurfing also offers free walking tours, which are usually held by local couchsurfers, these are also tipbased and I have also seen tours which are only free for couchsurfers, so if you were to sign up through the official website, you would have had to pay the original prize. Some tours aren’t free, but have a 50% off discount for couchsurfers. So look through the events in the city you’re travelling to and maybe you’ll find a good one, let us now find a good one in

You do this by typing the city name in the events section, then you scroll or swipe through the options. There’s no need to scroll because it’s on the first page! We see that a group offers free walking tours every single day in mexico city.


The ‘event’ provides the address and date of meeting and make sure to be in time, some tour guides, who tour frequently usually get references, which will give you a certain view on the tour and on the guide. So feel free to read those!

Sometimes the city you desire offers no walking tours, for example Brno  has no walking tours offered on couchsurfing. I’d advise you then to try the google option and yes there are free tours offered in Brno. Some cities even offer free bike tours.

Another good point is that a walking tour will also help you save money on public transport, you’ll realize that it isn’t that big of a deal to walk from point A to B. It saved me a shit load of money in Paris, not only because of the point that I’ve just made, no but also because you already get to see those disappointing anticlimaxing tourist traps along the way, so you don’t need to travel all the way back to those places.

Hey I don’t mind to spend some kaching kachings on a walking tour, because I got kaching kachings to blow!

I can then help you with finding a good and suitable walking tour as well. The site I usually use when looking for a good walking tours is Get your guideget your guide is an collection of several walking tours, skip the line tickets, cycling tours, events, culinary tours and even transfers. I’m usually toooooooooooo lazy to figure these out and with get your guide they’re all offered on one website. If I want to find a specific tour, for instance a dark horror tour in Paris or a Harry Potter tour in London , than I just look for it in google.

So to break this story down, walking tours are handy to get to know the city historically and physically. It can help you to make friends, save money and it’s an awesome way of seeing the major tourist traps without making your way, wasting time and Money getting there!

Well that was it for now, COMMENT LIKE SHARE FOLLOW and I wish you an amazing day!


An Outcast Wayfarer









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  1. ukerewe says:

    Taking a walking tour makes you see many things in a place for a short time.

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