Game of Thrones bucketlist: part 2

Yesterday I declared my love for Game of thrones and to celebrate that love declaration I started a series called my Game of Thrones bucketlist. Here’s a link of part 1 in case you’ve missed it. 

Today I give you part two, note that part two is forcefully ripped of my bucketlist even if I made plans to visit it. So today I’m kind of sad, read below why.

Pictures are courtesy of Visit Malta and Times of Malta. It’s a bucket list so I haven’t had the chance to visit these places!

Daenerys and Drogos’ wedding, Azure window, Gozo, Malta

The azure window was a by wind and rough sea caused hole in the cliffs of Dwejra bay on the island Gozo. The natural arch created after the collapse of two sea caves is extremely popular with swimmers, scuba divers and die hard game of thrones fans. The name comes from the azure blue sea which can be seen through the ‘window’
Used for Daenerys Targaryan and Khal Drogos’ wedding scene, this majestic arch can be seen at the background of the khaleesis’ wedding. Though the foreground looks different in the series, because it’s altered to look more like a desert, instead of like a sea shore. Which wasn’t appreciated because of the artifical sand they distributed on the beach and left.

The window collapsed in march due to the massive numbers of tourists walking on it and ignoring the restriction signs, the stormy seasons and the artificial sand that might have destroyed the ecosystem.  

Now and then

Yeah, everything beautiful needs to be destroyed right mankind? Why can’t we preserve the world so the generations after us will be able to visit beautiful places.

R.I.P Azure window, well that was it for now comment, like, share, follow and I wish you an awesome and amazing life!


An outcast wayfarer

Question: what’s something you like to visit, but it’s threatening to go extinct. 


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  1. I was supposed to go to Malta once, but the seas were too rough for my ship to dock, and we had to pass it up–so sad. I would have loved to see the Azure Window, and now that it’s collapsed, I guess I won’t have that chance.


  2. I just can’t believe it’s gone! I haven’t even seen Games of Thrones but I’m sad too. I absolutely love Malta. Hmmm, my answer to your question would be Venice, Italy!


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