Game of thrones bucket list: Part 3

Good beautiful morning or afternoon or evening or night. 

Today I present to you part three of the game of thrones bucket list series! It’s now pretty clear that I really love game of thrones! So I want to share three places that I’d like to visit!

These are links to part 1 and part 2 of the series in case you’ve missed it! Well let’s get started!

Disclaimer: pictures are courtesy of historic environment Scotland it’s a bucket list so I haven’t had the chance to visit these places yet!

Winterfell, Doune Castle, Scotland

The next castle is located in Winterfell and in real life located in Central Scotland, known by the name of Doune Castle. This castle isn’t only starring in game of thrones. But also in ‘Monty python and the holy grail’, ‘Ivanhoe’ and in the tv adaptation of the ‘outlander’ series.

Doune castle was originally built in the thirteenth century, but it was probably  damaged in the ‘Scottish war of Independence’ to be rebuilt to its present form in the 14th century. This marvelous structure was built for Robert Stewart also known as ‘Scotlands uncrowned king’ who was a regent of Albany for 20 years. After his death, his son inherited the castle, he was executed shortly after that. The castle than became property of the crown and was primarly used as a royal hunting lodge and dowers house.

Many families after that had the chance to call this castle their home and they kept it in a really good state. in 1567 the crown commanded sir James Stewart of Beath to hand the castle black, because he was accused of murder, he refused and the Earl of Lennox Besieged the castle, Stewart surrendered so that the structure wouldn’t be destroyed. However in 1570 the castle came in his possesions again. Doune castle fell into disuse in 1883 and in 1970 it became property of the state.

Isn’t it a majestic piece of architecture?

Well that was it for now, Comment, like, share, follow and I wish you an awesome life on this beautiful planet!


An outcast wayfarer


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  1. It is indeed gorgeous!

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    1. Yess, thank you so much for reading, tomorrow part 4 will be up!

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      1. I shall check it out.

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    1. I KNOW RIGHT, thank you so much for reading!

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