Game of Thrones bucketlist: Part 5

Good evening!

Sorry that I am posting this so late, but I was in church and then I was on a party. Better late than never!

Well you know that I love game of thrones, live for Game of Thrones and love the filming locations. So that’s why I made a bucket list series of my favourite filming locations!

Here are links topart 1,23 and 4 in case you’ve missed it. Well let’s get into it. 

Disclaimer: Pictures are courtesy of Absolute Croatia this is a bucketlist so I haven’t had the chance yet to visit these places!

 Kings’ gardens, Trsteno Arbo, Croatia

Be amazed at the sight of the king’s gardens also known as the Tyrell (high) Garden. In real life this beautiful piece of nature is called the Trsteno Arboretum.Built in the 15th century, by the noble family Gozze, who were according to historical sources the founders of the old republic of Ragusa. The family requested ship captains to bring back seeds and plants from their travels.

It isn’t strange that they’ve decided to use this location, because it’s truly a hidden gem only 20 minutes away from Dubrovnik. This arboretum is the oldest in the world, so it actually looked like something from the ‘game of thrones period’  The pride of the arboreteum are the two 50o year old oriental planes both with a diameter of around 5 metres and between a height of 45/60 metres. You can also find in the arboreteum.

The arboretereum was donated it in 1948 to Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts and was called a nature rarity and got under protection. It has suffered quite a lot as wel, damages in the oldest part and the summer residence due to gunboat, fire and air attacks during the Croatian war of independence, it lost another 120,ooo square metres in 2000 in a fire caused by drought.

I absolutely love nature-y sights and parks so needless to say this needs to be on my bucket list. 

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  1. Valar Morghulis and Valar Dohaeris… Thanks to the trip through Game of Thrones


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