Ladies of couchsurfing: Kirah

Goodday wonderful world,

a few weeks ago I uploaded the first part of the ladies of couchsurfing series, were I talk about ladies I met or just wonderful ladies who make use of couchsurfing. I do this, because I see too few female couchsurfers/hosts,

hoping to both inspire you and encourage you to try it out.

Disclaimer: I’m not selling  you bullshit, Couchsurfing can be unsafe. BUT so everything. It’s how you handle certain situations, how you prepare yourself and most importantly whether you listen to your own guts.

Always listen to your own guts, when it’s reasonable. ANYWAY, I’ve been talking to Kirah and she’d like to be a lady of couchsurfing. Which made me the happiest person alive at that moment so read  her story and enjoy!


Your best experience on couchsurfing?

I met a really cool host in Granada, Spain when I wanted to do a last minute weekend there before moving back to the UK. We don’t have pictures together as it just never occurred to us since I was the tourist and he took pictures of me on my phone. I met him outside of my hostel (Lemon Rock, Granada) and at first was like, “Kirah are you really getting onto this strangers motorbike?!” Typically this is ill advised but I had no reason not to based on our conversation and so said Yes and jumped on. The ride was pretty smooth and he took my melanin gorgeousness through parts of the old town, up to both Miradors by the Alhambra then for some tapas and a walk through the Gypsy caves. He gave me great tips, directed me, showed me some new land he had bought and his wild ideas then we watched part of a movie and ate some typical delicacies and breads before walking me to the evening Flamenco show.

Share some tips!

I learned a lot about him as we spoke about teaching and children (a we were both teachers and music lovers), relationships and Spanish life. I had a great time and this was the fifth time I think I met up with someone on Couchsurfing. But I had a great cultural sharing day of sorts and thoroughly enjoyed some intellectual conversations of varying cultures as I’m from the Caribbean but have lived in Europe and Asia and he’s travelled extensively but primarily lived in Southern Spain. There were very little awkward pauses, lots of laughter and even explaining of our reasoning.

Bad experiences

On the other hand the worst experiences I’ve had on CS were inappropriate conversations, near meet ups that felt like I was being harrassed almost but happily I decline offers really quickly and keep it pushing. CS has opened me up to meeting great people that I would call ‘friend’ today. If you were to do it though, as I’ve told others, always check reviews, verifications, years on CS, the actual profile and have a good few conversations with them before asking or accepting a conversation. I try not to stay more than 2 days just because I feel like I impose if it’s 4 or more days and I also like adventuring on my own. I also always send my location when I meet them, as well as in the house if I stay with them to someone I trust and can help if anything were to happen. If that means asking for Wi-Fi then do it and say you want a picture with them to post about your great day since you post often, then smile about it (it doesn’t matter if you don’t post often but at least you’re covered and there’s a picture online or in your father’s Whatsapp message should he need to clean the shotgun).


I travel alone often and CS has been a great wealth of local knowledge and wonderful magic meetups. This picture is with my travel buddy and two guy Couchsurfers!

I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading her story and if you’d like to be a Lady of couchsurfer, message me in my contact me form!

Follow Kiki on her Social media!

Her insta,  her facebook page and her twitter.

And make sure to check her blog out Hmm Kiki’s blog!

Well I’m done, commentlikesharefollow and I wish you an amazing day!!


An outcast wayfarer


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  1. hmmkiki says:

    Reblogged this on Hmmkiki and commented:
    I spoke with a cool fellow traveller about Couchsurfing and that led to me writing a piece for her. Check out the feature, share, say Hello and then have a nosey around her blog!

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  2. That Other Petra Guy says:

    This looks awesome…Couchsurfing,,,,very interesting.


  3. Ukerewe Tour Guide says:

    I have got something very different from where i live. Thank you for the story.

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  4. I find Kirah’s story very useful. People who use CouchSurfing should definitely read this post. Do you think that the reviews are always sincere?

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