The Antwerp Bucketlist (According to Pinterest!)

Good morning (well at least for me) wonderful people in the world! I’m back at it again with the Pinterest bucket lists of several cities and next on the list is Antwerp, the most populous city and capital city of the same named province, This province is the most North province of both Belgium and…

Wordless Wednesday

Goodmorning wayfarers, This is my entry of this week’s wordless Wednesday! COMMENT LIKE SHARE FOLLOW and I wish you an awesome life and a wayfaring life! X, A weirdo wayfarer

Polette Winter Lookbook

Heey Wonderful people, First thing first, I wish you all a happy new year, I hope that this year will make your last one envious. I also hope that you’ve all set your goals and that you will fulfill them. All the goals,resolutions, fulfillment, purposes aside. It’s time to for the true purpose of today’s blog, a…

3 other amazing places that aren’t called Amsterdam

Heeey Wayfarers, You guys must be surprised that I am blogging so much lately, I am too really surprised that I found a cure for my laziness. I just feel like blogging more, because I realized that it feels so satisfying to press that publish button, every single word and every single picture, paragraph, thumbnail…

The Amsterdam Bucketlist (according to Pinterest!)

  Hello Wayfarers, I hope that you’re enoying whatever day you find yourself! I am here to present you yet another bucket list, the last one I made was the one I initially made for myself when I travelled to Paris. I decided to make it with activities and sights pinterest recommended me the most….

Public transport in Amsterdam like a freaking boss

Courtesy Hello wayfarers, All that you need to know about the public transportation system of Amsterdam. Well at least the important stuff. I get lots of questions of tourists and I gave them a good answer if I have one, but I do know some evil individuals who have the urge to give bad…

No need for therapy, a bag of tea is all you need

  In the Netherlands, the tea brand ‘Pickwick’ has decided to put a question on every tea bag. I will post a blog about that later, because the questions are hilarious and very weird. When I saw that there was text on this tea bag, I immediately prepared myself for a very weird intimidating question,…

Wordless Wednesday

Goodday Wayfarers, This is today’s wordless Wednesday entry! And I am still in the Parisian mood! So here’s another Paris shot! Montmartre! Well that was it for now! Are you following me on instagram?  COMMENT LIKE SHARE FOLLOW AND I WISH YOU A wonderful and wayfaring life! Xoxo, Your outcast wayfarer.

Street art in Paris- a photo report

Goodday Wayfarers, You know how they call Paris the city of art, due to the many museums and the street art. So here I am bringing you street art in Paris. Well I hope you enjoyed and I wish you a wayfaring and outcastic life. Xoxo, An outcast wayfarer.

Wordless Wednesday

Good morning Wayfarers (Or whatever part of the day you’re in) Hereby I present to you the latest wordless Wednesday entry still in the Parisian vibes! A bit of beautiful Montmartre without a doubt my favourite neighbourhood. Well that were a bit too many words for a wordless Wednesday. Please do COMMENT LIKE SHARE FOLLOW…